What is an Adventure?

Adventure is the adrenaline you feel while standing on the edge of a cliff, the smile on your face while standing on top of a mountain, the serenity of being in the middle of the desert with nobody but your best friend in sight and the feeling of accomplishment after you’ve done something you weren’t sure you were capable of doing.

Latest Adventures

Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe bend provides An unforgettable view of the Colorado river. This short hike outside of Page Arizona lands you at a big view!

Antelope Canyon

This amazing slot canyon is truly a one of a kind experience. Antelope Canyon really is a fantasy land for photographers and sightseers. Don't forget your camera!

The Wave

Formed by the desert winds, the wave is another once in a lifetime sight to see. The hike flat, but can be extremely hot, so don't forget to bring your water!

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